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Reviewed by: Nicole Rowlinson

It is 1903, and young Dorothy Bolton and her family are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Living in Britain, the Boltons, who have started to feel some of the hardships that were the side effects of the Boer War, have become intrigued by the stories of a great free land called Canada. They make the decision to leave their homeland to follow Mr Bolton's dream of breaking ground on his own farm, which has been promised to all interested Britons by the Reverend Isaac Barr. Barr's mission is to begin a colony of British families in the wild Canadian prairies known at the time as the North-West Territories. When Dorothy's entire family becomes extremely seasick on the overly packed ship, she is able to branch out and experience some adventure on her own. Her independence grows throughout the arduous journey, and as she develops a friendship with a rogue boy named Victor, Dorothy's resolve and character develop quite naturally. At long last, the ship arrives in Halifax, and after an equally arduous train journey across the unfamiliar and vast land of Canada, Dorothy and her family finally disembark in the promised land of Saskatoon. Anne Patton (author of 'Fiddle Dancer) has created an excellent historical novel based on the true accounts of Dorothy Boan, whom she personally interviewed in 1982. Patton has recreated the pioneer feeling of being some of the first settlers in Canada, and children will enjoy the liveliness of her characters, who are both true to the time of the early 20th century, as well as relatable to today's youth. A sequel is in the works that will further explore Dorothy's life in the New World.Thematic links: Immigration, England, Barr Colony, Canadian History

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