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Wiseman's Wager

by Dave Margoshes

Wiseman's Wager

Wiseman's Wager

"With Wiseman’s Wager, the prolific Margoshes has done for Winnipeg something like what Mordecai Richler did for Montreal" - Quill & Quire review

"The mark has been set for the best book by a Saskatchewan author in 2014 with this release" - Prairie Dog review

“Pascal – you heard of his famous wager? He put it this way, it’s better to believe in a God that doesn’t exist than not believe in One Who does, and Who might take it personal. It’s not a bad way to live, wouldn’t you agree?” So says 82-year-old Zan Wiseman: brother, son, ‘not-Jewish Jew’, proxy twin, sometime Communist, four-times husband, one-time novelist – and bet-hedging atheist.

From an emergency room in Calgary, where an intern hears his poorly timed joke about suicide, Zan winds up on the psychologist’s couch. But the doctor’s efforts to investigate Zan’s mental state are constantly stymied by his misfiring memory, his wry delivery, and his novelist’s tendency to embellish. Is he misremembering, misrepresenting, crafting a better story – or all of the above? Through the streets of Strike-era Winnipeg, Toronto during the Depression, and the 1980s Calgary of Zan’s new life, Dave Margoshes’s compellingly unreliable narrator treats the reader to a magnificent meditation on aging, family ties, faith, and the liquid concept of the truth.


6" x 9" 392 pages
21.95 CDN; 21.95 USD
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Fiction Paper Adult
Dave Margoshes
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About the Author

Dave Margoshes has published more than a dozen books of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. His collection of stories, Bix’s Trumpet and Other Stories, was Saskatchewan Book of the Year, won the Regina Book Award and was a finalist in the ReLit Awards in 2007. His three novels are Drowning Man, I Am Frankie Stern, and We Who Seek: A Love Story. He has published four other story collections, five volumes of poetry and several non-fiction works, including a biography of Tommy Douglas.
He has had stories and poems published in dozens of magazines and anthologies in Canada and the United States (including six times in Best Canadian Stories), had work broadcast on CBC, and given readings across the country. His awards include the Stephen Leacock Prize for Poetry. He was also a finalist for the Journey Prize.

Some of his stories and poems spring from his days as an itinerant journalist. Margoshes worked for daily newspapers in eight cities, including San Francisco, New York, Calgary and Vancouver, covering everything from politics to murder to cat shows. He's also taught journalism. He currently lives near Saskatoon.



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