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Fourteen-year-old Josh and his seven-year-old sister Maddy have been summoned back to the magical world they discovered the previous summer.  Hidden by a veil of magic from the human world, this world is filled with creatures both everyday and fantastical, all of whom are able to sense the magic around them.
The siblings learn that the tears in the veil have not healed since they destroyed the nexus ring, and that magic is leaking into their human world so quickly that their magical friends are dangerously weakened.
Travelling to the Gathering, they note with alarm how exhausted and drained of strength their otter-people friends, Greyfur and Eneirda become.  At the Gathering, at which all the animals are represented, Maddy, whose ring allows her to see magic, and Josh, who can sense and at times wield it, are asked by the Keeper to find a way to repair the veil.
Knowing they need to learn more about the veil and those who created it, Josh and Maddy seek out Gronwald the troll whose long memory may offer valuable clues. They approach warily for the troll uses the tears in the veil to slip into the world of human where he searches for and steals gold to add to his treasure.  Compelled by the will of the Gathering, he must answer Josh's questions about the Ancients, but cannot be prevented from trying to attack Maddy and their companions.
Aided by the crows, who have adopted Josh as one of their own, carried far by buffalo and sheltered by the otter-people, the teen and his young sister travel high into the mountains to the home of the weavers, descendants of the Ancient Ones who wove the veil.  It s a difficult journey but Josh and Maddy are propelled by the same sense of urgency as their magical friends.  Everywhere they meet creatures worn thin and tired as this hidden world's magic leaks away.
Josh and Maddy are welcomed by the weavers into their remote sanctuary, and marvel at their ability to weave any substance, including the mountains and the sky.  Filled with hope that he has found those who can repair the veil, Josh explains their quest and is shocked and saddened to learn that they weavers cannot help him.  Though their ancestors created the veil, they cannot so much as touch it.
The humans leave the mountains and return to one of the otter-people's camps.  As Josh sits that night staring into the fire, overcome with worry and dread, and thinking about everything he has learned in the magical world, he conceives an audacious plan to mend the veil.  It will demand all the combined resources of his friends, it may demand his life and that of his sister, but Josh knows it's the only chance they have to save the magical world from destruction.
Written by Maureen Bush, The Veil Weavers is the third book in the Veil of Magic series, and tells the exciting story of a teen and his younger sister who are summoned to a magical world of talking animals, giants, trolls and spirits because only he might be able to save it.  Threatened by a powerful troll bent on foiling his efforts and frequently surrounded by creatures who view humans with suspicious and, sometimes, worse, Josh will have to risk everything.  Intriguing characters, from an affectionate little crow to a buffalo who likes to sing to magical spiders and a terrifying ochre monster intent upon destroying humans, and a fast-paced plot that balanced fear and tension with moments of humour and joy, The Veil Weavers is bound to captivate young readers of fantasy from Grade 4.
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