What If? Magazine Review - A Terrible Roar of Water

Reviewed by: Tanner MacDonald

A Terrible Roar of Water

Penny Draper


The sucking noise stopped. All was quiet. Murphy started walking again, more cautiously this time. He glanced towards the harbor. He looked again, peering into the dark. He stopped dead. He blinked and stared in disbelief. The water in the harbour was gone. Where did it all go? He had just reached the little white fence that enclosed their garden when he heard the sound again not sucking this time. It was a noise like never before. The loudest roar of all time. It was the water and it was coming back. 

Life is not all fun and games in the outport for twelve-year-old Murphy. Living with his aunt and uncle, Murphy works hard helping out with anything they need, doing the laundry, feeding the animals, and helping prepare the fish to sell and eat. But, when the earth begins to shake, his life will never be the same. When a man named Old Antoine warns that the earthquake will trigger a tsunami no one believes him. Soon Murphy will have only seconds to save his family from certain death at the hands of the chilly November waters.

A Terrible Roar of Water was a great book. It kept me wanting more right to the end. I was constantly wondering what would happen next. It includes some Newfoundland traditions, as well, which were cool to learn about and was overall historically accurate. I highly suggest reading this action packed book. 

Article by Tanner MacDonald

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