Moose Jaw Times-Herald Review - Tunnels of Tyranny

Moose Jaw's tunnels turn up another mystery
Reviewed by: Moose Jaw Times-Herald

Tunnels of Tyranny

Mary Harelkin Bishop

Andrea and her brother Tony are whisked back in time again in Mary Harelkin Bishop's latest Tunnels of Moose Jaw Adventure Series book, Tunnels of Tyranny. 

In the fourth book of the series, the siblings travel back in time to witness a Ku Klux Klan rally in Moose Jaw in 1927.

"Andrea, being a modern kid, can't understand why the rally is being held, which was to shut out anyone who doesn't fit  white Anglo–Saxon background," said Harelkin Bishop, a Saskatoon teacher.

Andrea spends a few days in 1927 Moose Jaw, sorting out what she witnessed and running a special errand for her grandfather. She meets up again with friends Vance and Beanie, who she has encountered in other Tunnels adventures. 

Tunnels of Tyranny follows the books Tunnels of Time, Tunnels of Terror, and Tunnels of Treachery. The books are aimed at a young adult audience.

In each book, Andrea and Tony travel back in time via a magic armoire that moves away from the wall, revealing a tunnel. The access to the tunnel is at their grandfather's house on Ominica Street in Moose Jaw.

The adventures the sister and brother embark on in each book are based on historical events. For example, in Tunnels of Terror, Andrea and Tony run into some corrupt Moose Jaw police officers in 1924.

Harelkin Bishop got the idea for Tunnels of Tyranny from a Moose Jaw Times article she saw about an actual Ku Klux Klan rally in the city in 1927.

"I decided to mold the idea into a story because many people may be surprised at the presence the Klan had in Saskatchewan and Moose Jaw in the earlier part of the century," she explained. 

"I certainly was surprised when I saw that initial story and when I kept going further into my research. I think it's important for young readers to realize that a group like that should not be able to make a foothold here again."

Article by Mandy Higgins.


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