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Reviewed by: Carolyn Cutt

Daniel has vowed never again to travel back to the prehistoric world of dinosaurs because of the extreme dangers he had encountered on his last visit. Then events begin to change his mind. The almost complete Edmontosaurus fossil that his paleontologist neighbour, Ole Pederson, had discovered on their adjoining properties suddenly disappears, obviously stolen. Ole, elderly and unwell, becomes noticeably depressed, despite the company of Dr. Mildred Roost, a fellow paleontologist and friend.

Though both are excited and terrified recalling their past experiences with the dinosaurs, Daniel and Mildred begin entertaining the idea of transporting Ole back with them to view the prehistoric world that he had studied for so many years. Could they possibly avoid a fatal encounter with these enormous creatures and return safely?

This thrilling tale is the fourth in the Dinosaur Adventure Series. In the previous stories, twelve-year-old Daniel, fascinated with the study of dinosaurs, begins to learn more from his paleontologist neighbour, Ole Pederson, when fossils from the Cretaceous Period are found on both of their farms. Daniel's family then set up a Paleontology Tourist Camp on their farm for the summer, complete with organizes digs.

When Daniel inadvertently lands back in the dinosaur period his adventures truly begin. Time-travel, intrigue and dinosaurs all form an exciting combination for this popular series. In this fourth novel a sub-plot surrounding the disappearance of the large, important fossil adds to the reader's interest. The dark, foreboding atmosphere occurring during each prehistoric visit is also intriguing. Will Daniel and his friends witness the ear of the dinosaur's extinction?

This descriptive story is well written, keeping a fast pace throughout. Daniel's character is well developed, especially through his concern for his aging paleontologist friends. Included is a glossary, pronunciation guide and a bibliography complete with websites. This series is recommended for an elementary school library collection. Article by Carolyn Cutt.

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