Booklist Advanced Review - Ghost Most Foul

Reviewed by: John Peters

Ghost Most Foul

Grayson, Patti (Author)

May 2015. 192 p. Coteau, paperback, $10.95. (9781550506143)

Following the sudden death of her beloved basketball coach, eight-grader Summer's devastation becomes mixed with terror when a silent but importunate spectral image appears during games and practices. Is it really her ghost or a hallucination caused by grief? If a ghost, what does it want? Or might those visions—along with difficulty concentrating on the court, crying jags, fits of anger, and uncharacteristic misbehavior at school—be the result of taking a ball to the head from a hostile teammate? Grayson balances events and evidence so that readers can have it any way they will, along with plenty of heartstopping drama on the court as Summer's underdog team claws its way to a championship game despite internal friction and a mediocre new coach. Summer's sudden understanding of what her old coach meant by saying, "It's not whether you win or lose—it's how you win the game," closes this above-average mix of sports action and the supernatural with a neat but credible climactic twist.

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