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Gardening, Naturally

by Sara Williams

Gardening, Naturally

An expert look at alternatives to the "chemical stew" to keep your lawn and garden healthy, and the entire planet happy, and safe.

More than two generations of gardeners have practiced their craft with the arsenal of chemical pesticides and herbicides developed since WWII. The "folk knowledge" used for generations prior to that, much of which does indeed have a scientific basis, is largely unused and even forgotten today. Much of the more recent scientifically based research into alternatives has had limited distribution.

As the "green movement" grows stronger in Canada, and pressure increases to limit the use of cosmetic pesticides and herbicides within urban and even rural municipalities, there is a growing need for information about effective alternate tools. The desire to go chemical-free is there. Here are the tools to make it possible, with comprehensive, understandable, workable practices.


5" x 8" 256 pages
24.95 CDN; 24.95 USD
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Non-Fiction Tradepaper Adult
Sara Williams
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About the Author

Sara Williams's previous books include Perennials for the Prairies, In a Cold Land: Saskatchewan's Horticultural Pioneers, and, with co-author Hugh Skinner, Best Trees and Shrubs for the Prairies and Best Groundcovers and Vines for the Prairies. She was the founder and first editor of The Saskatchewan Gardener, now called Gardener for the Prairies, and currently coordinates and is a writer for a weekly gardening column that appears in more than 25 prairie newspapers.

Sara Williams has a B.Sc. (with great distinction) and a M.Sc. in Horticultural Extension from the University of Saskatchewan, as well as a B.A. in English and History from the University of Michigan. She served as the horticultural specialist with the Extension Division of the University of Saskatchewan for 12 years, retiring in 2001.



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