North Dakota State Horticultural Society Review - Growing Fruit in Northern Gardens

Reviewed by: Holly Mawby

When I get a new book and I know that it is mine alone, not one to lend out or use as a resource for others, I don't hesitate to pencil in the margins or underline points of interest. This bookwas so pretty I opted for pointy sticky notes instead. I wasn't 4 pages into the book and had already used 5 post it notes. This one's a keeper folks!

The little personal touches and stories in call out boxes make this book more like a conversation with an old friend than a 'how-to' and lend to the easy reading. I think I've been in the horticulture field a while but there's always something new to learn and this book really proved it. I grow most of the fruits in the book but I found myself learning something new from each section outlining specific fruits. I would truly recommend this book to every gardener interested in growing fruits in northern areas. 

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