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Interruptions in Glass

by Tracy Hamon

Interruptions in Glass

Interruptions in Glass

This collection bites down on the metaphors memory stores, exploring perceptions of everyday exchanges, familial relationships, loves, and losses.

Is the language of our aging hysterical or historical? These poems supply a manual of conversations, studying the present by peeling back the past, letter by letter.  Snowmen, plays, rice and even disappointment are some of the images that provide places for readers to park and devour the connections.  It talks us through the metallic moments we continue to consume on the journey.

A subtly powerful collection that celebrates the shape and detail of a full life and its memories.

Portions of the Interruptions manuscript won the City of Regina Award in 2005.


8" x 5" 88 pages
16.95 CDN; 16.95 USD
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Poetry Paper Adult
Tracy Hamon
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About the Author

Tracy Hamon's first book of poetry This Is Not Eden was a finalist for two Saskatchewan Book Awards. Portions of her second collection, Interruptions in Glass, won the City of Regina Award in 2005. Her manuscript of poetry on Egon Schiele was short-listed for the 2007 CBC Literary Awards.
Her poetry has appeared in numerous Canadian literary magazines including Grain, Wascana Review, A Room of One's Own, sub-TERRAIN, and Event as well as numerous anthologies. She is the founder of the Vertigo Reading Series in Regina.
Tracy Hamon was born in Regina, Saskatchewan and grew up travelling between Regina and her parents' farm near Edenwold. She holds a BA Honours and an MA in English with a creative option from the University of Regina. She lives in Regina, and is a mother and the Program Officer for the Saskatchewan Writers Guild (which is much the same thing). She also works part time as a barber/stylist.


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