Heritage Review - Legacy of Worship

Reviewed by: Heritage 2014

Legacy of Worship: Sacred Places in Rural Saskatchewan, by Margaret Hryniuk and Frank Korvemaker with photographs by Larry Easton, profiles 15 spiritual denominations and over 60 of the province's most interesting rural places of worship. From Aboriginal sacred sites and Christian churches to Jewish synagogues and prayer sites of those fleeing religious persecution, the book documents Saskatchewan's rural sacred places. Through the presentation of well-researched historical information, engaging anecdotes - many obtained from extensive personal interviews - and stunning modern and historical photographs, the book takes readers on a tour of some of the province's most historic and remarkable religious and sacred sites. Sacred sites that evoke important cultural memories, often revealed in their folk art, crafts and structural designs. Excellent appendices include an illustrated glossary of religious architectural terms, a bibliography and an index to the sacred sites mentioned in the book. This publication follows its companion, the best-selling Legacy of Stone: Saskatchewan's Stone Buildings.

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