Online Reviews - Legacy of Worship

"This is a wonderful book. I'm so impressed by the amount of research and detail that the authors and photographer have brought to it as well as the breadth of the project. It is really important to have this history preserved." - Autumn Downey

Amazon Reviews:

"My wife and I are very impressed with the layout,the photos,the historical background of each denomination and individual church histories--you can rest assured your work is being appreciated." - Joe and Tess achtemichuk 

"Lively commentary, including intriguing historical anecdotes and beautiful photographs, make this a wonderful way to experience some of the history of rural Saskatchewan. The photos of the churches are not only beautiful but the care taken to show them reflected in the surrounding prairie landscape makes for a deeper understanding of their significance." - Joan Ferguson

"a very interesting book from all denominations of churches. Some of the churches I have been in and didn't realize all the aspects of it until I read the book." - Annie Step

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