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Love of Mirrors

by Gary Hyland

Love of Mirrors
135 of the very best creations by award winning poet and cultural activist Gary Hyland.

A collection of 135 poems from award-winning poet and cultural activist, Gary Hyland. It includes 121 selected poems from his six previous published books of poetry and 14 previously unpublished poems. Includes a special introduction by Lorna Crozier.

In Love of Mirrors, Gary Hyland blends the most evocative work from his six prior collections with fourteen previously unpublished poems, to reveal an astonishing range of human experience. Calling upon a lifetime of subtle observation, Hyland uses a range of styles and techniques to take his reader on a journey from the playful innocence of childhood, through the bitter compromise of mid-life, to ultimately discover peace in the simple joys of daily life beneath a lengthening shadow of mortality. The resulting collection possesses a narrative voice strong enough to draw the reader inexorably along a path full of the unexpected twists that comprise a life.

Hyland is not content to limit himself to the internal personal struggle, but also addresses the superficial glitter and lingering ambivalence of our post-9/11 society. Not shying away from the hollow pain of random violence and abuse, he creates a cast of vivid characters that challenge readers to slip beneath their skins and experience their haunting stories directly. In the end, the reader will possess the feeling of having traveled far and experienced much on a route that, even when it brushes the darkest acts, ultimately leads to a haven where even the unworthy can rise above their circumstances and the feel the transcendence of hope.

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5" x 8" 256 pages
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Poetry Tradepaper Adult
Gary Hyland
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About the Author

Gary Hyland is a Saskatchewan teacher, writer, cultural activist, consultant and editor. He has previously published two chapbooks and six full-length books of poetry - Just Off Main (Thistledown, 1982), Street of Dreams (Coteau Books, 1984), After Atlantis (Thistledown, 1991), White Crane Spreads Wings (Coteau Books, 1996), The Work of Snow (Thistledown, 2003), and Hands Reaching in Water (Hagios, 2007). He has co-edited the humour anthologies 100% Cracked Wheat and 200% Cracked Wheat and the poetry collections Number One Northern and A Sudden Radiance. Gary has received many awards for his work, was a finalist for the Milton Acorn People's Poet Award for White Crane Spreads Wings, and was a finalist for the National Magazine Gold Medal Poetry Award in 1993. In 2007, he received a lifetime achievement award from the Saskatchewan Book Awards organization. He was named a member of the order of Canada in 2005.

Known as an activist and builder, Hyland was a founding member of CJUS-FM radio (Saskatoon), Thunder Creek Publishing Co-operative/Coteau Books, the Moose Jaw Community Hockey School, Moose Jaw Kinsmen Rink Action Committee, Sage Hill Writing Experience, ArtSchool Saskatchewan, CineView Saskatchewan, LiveMusicCity, Great Plains School of the Arts, the Saskatchewan Festival of Words (Artistic Coordinator), Moose Jaw Arts in Motion (Executive Director) and Wide Skies Film Festival (Executive Director). He also served as chairperson of the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre Builders and the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre Board of Directors. He is a former director of Saskatchewan Film and Video Development Corporation, the City of Moose Jaw Ad Hoc Committee for a Cultural Centre, and the Moose Jaw Centennial Committee.

Gary Hyland resides in his birthplace of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, where he was named lifetime Poet Laureate (with Robert Currie) in 1991 and Citizen of the Year in 1998 and 2006. In 2007 he was named one of the 100 most influential graduates of the University of Saskatchewan in the last one hundred years.


Finalist, Award for Poetry, 2008 Saskatchewan Book Awards
Finalist, Book of the Year, 2008 Saskatchewan Book Awards
Finalist, Award for Publishing, 2008 Saskatchewan Book Awards

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