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Morningstar: A Warrior's Spirit

by Morningstar Mercredi

Morningstar: A Warrior's Spirit

An autobiography of the courageous journey to overcome alcoholism, childhood sexual abuse and racism.

Morningstar Mercredi wrote her memoir as a form of activism in response to the ongoing crisis of missing and murdered women in Canada. In it, she describes how systemic colonialism and racism affected her as a first-generation descendent of parents who attended residential schools.

As a mother she became determined to come to terms with her personal struggles, she realized how severe the impact of her parents experience in the residential school system had been on herself and her family.  

Morningstar takes the reader through her survival and the aftermath of the trauma she endured as the child of parents who were subjected to the residential school system. Morningstar is adamant her 'warrior spirit' was not broken. She attributes this to her maternal lineage, her 'grannies' as well as the love of her 'grandfathers'.

Recounting sexual abuse, family violence, poverty, racism, and overcoming her own alcoholism, her inherent strength to survive a myriad of historical atrocities is powerful. Her experience mirrors that of generations of First Peoples, Metis, and Innu peoples throughout Canada and has been affirmed and documented in the Truth and Reconciliation Report two decades after her memoir was published in 2006.



5.5" x 8.5" 200 pages
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Non-Fiction Tradepaper Adult
Morningstar Mercredi
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About the Author

Morningstar Mercredi is a storyteller, actress, social activist, poet, playwright, researcher and multi-media communicator. She has previously published one non-fiction children's book, Fort Chipewayan Homecoming, which was a finalist in the Silver Birch young reader's choice award in Ontario. She has also had poetry published in the Gatherings Anthology series. She has done extensive acting work in film, television, radio and on the stage.

She is from Fort Chipewyan.

She is honest and self-critical in her descriptions of many attempts and repeated failures. She gives enormous credit to her son, for his constant love, his determination to be honest with her, and his unfailing confidence in her ability to succeed.

From the author: I opened myself totally, my experiences, my life, and with the story I wrote. I would have done a great injustice to myself and the reader had I been cautious of how, or what I wrote. As it is, I did not provide every detail, there were parts of my story I could not write. It would have been too painful. I wrote just enough to provide a glimpse into my life without completely traumatizing the reader. Over the two years of writing, rewriting etc and then editing, I returned to events that were not only traumatizing when they happened, i.e, writing about being sexually abused. This wasn't an easy task yet I had to tell it as it was; consequently, I road a fast and furious emotional roller coaster during that time.



Finalist, First People's Publishing, 2006 Saskatchewan Book Awards

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