Good Reads Review

Reviewed by: Lori Bamber
Sharon Butala is a genius and I am puzzled that she is not as world renowned as Alice Munro or Margaret Atwood. Perhaps it is the fact that Alice Munro and Margaret Atwood write about places that are exponentially more populated than the Saskatchewan/Calgary nexus that Butala's work is firmly rooted in. Her people don't think Ontario, or Coast. They think heartland, and she shares their stories with such acuity, understanding and insight that I am taken home to the prairies each time, understanding more about my own life and the people I came from as I do.

In this collection of short stories, the protagonists all inhabit three countries: they are prairie folk, they are women, and they are old. Their voices and their discomfort are astonishing. I hope to avoid their fate, but I have a feeling that I'll remember at least one or two of these stories some day with an "Ah, yes."
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