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by Rachel Wyatt


Veteran author Rachel Wyatt is at her very best as she exposes the fears, desires and prejudices of the human condition, with subtle sensitivity and ruthless steel.

Candace Alison Wilson is missing.
As the hours since her disappearance build into days, a small town's certainty that a simple domestic spat has led her to walk out gives way to suspicion. Everyone knows everyone else's motive; everyone knows who has reason to be guilty.

After all, isn't Candace's husband Jack the architect of a wildly unpopular multi-million dollar housing development? Didn't her (younger, prettier) sister lead the opposing protests? Why is her father busier pursuing a new relationship than looking for his daughter? Doesn't it seem strange that of everyone, her brother-in-law is the one most hell-bent on finding her? And why won't Jack sit down to a simple supper with the family lawyer?

Nothing escapes the notice of "Marguerite" the anonymous chat-room regular who describes the faults and foibles of the townspeople with gleeful and unflinching keystrokes. While the mixed-up stories of blame and distrust threaten to destroy a family and weaken the town itself, "Marguerite" has all the answers. If only someone were listening...


5.5" x 8.5" 248 pages
19.95 CDN; 19.95 USD
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Fiction Tradepaper Adult
Rachel Wyatt
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About the Author

Rachel Wyatt is a prolific and award-winning author of novels, short fiction, stage and radio plays and non-fiction works. Her six novels include The Rosedale Hoax, Foreign Bodies, and Time's Reach. A half-dozen professional productions have been mounted of her full-length stage plays, including Crackpot and For Love or Money. She has also had over 100 plays produced by CBC and BBC radio, and monologues and scenes from her works have been included in many anthologies, most recently in the Oxford Book of Stories by Canadian Women.
Rachel Wyatt immigrated to Canada with her family in 1957.  She was Director of the Writing Program at the Banff Centre for the Arts during the 1990s and has appeared at writer's conferences across Canada and internationally. She has won the CBC Literary Competition Drama Award and was Awarded the Order of Canada in 2002 and the Queen's Jubilee Medal in 2003.



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