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The Cult of Quick Repair

by Dede Crane

The Cult of Quick Repair
A sassy collection of vivid and moving stores portraying edgy modern lives in highly-charged relationships

Not for the faint of heart, Crane's humour has a dark, almost sinister, edge. However, her tired pessimism is tempered with grace and frequent avenues of hope. A profusion of sex delivers surprises, not all of them pleasant.

A new father, shopping for groceries with his baby and a hangover, worries that the child may not actually be his. An ultrasound technician, envious of her co-worker's sex life, has an unexpected second encounter with a creepy male patient. The wife of a hockey player is faced with his ambiguous sexuality. A young woman waits her turn at an abortion clinic, harbouring the secret that the baby's father might not be the boyfriend sitting beside her.

These wonderfully-drawn characters sweep the reader into their anxious and often funny lives. Sophisticated story-telling makes the most complicated situations crystal clear and a pleasure to read. Crane's male points of view are as effective as the female. Her endings are just right and satisfying.

Join the Cult of Quick Repair and prepare to see another side of all-too-familiar contemporary life, in all its fraught and aching glory.

Endorsements fo The Cult of Quick Repair

"The Cult of Quick Repair is a vivid, witty, ultra-smart, and smarting collection of short stories. Mothers and daughters, men and women, betrayal, generosity, forgiveness, the heart-snatching fears and lusts and loves of being alive and attentive. It's all here. Crane is wise and hilarious." - Lisa Moore

"These nervy tales tempt us into moments of surprising eroticism and insight. Dede Crane puzzles for us over how we're put together, how we fall apart." - John Gould


5" x 8" 224 pages
18.95 CDN; 18.95 USD
E-Book Price
Fiction Tradepaper Adult
Dede Crane
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About the Author

Dede Crane is the author of the literary novel Sympathy, which was a finalist for the Victoria Butler Book Prize. She has also published the teen novel, The 25 Pains of Kennedy Baines. Her first published story, "Seers," appeared in Grain magazine and was short listed for the CBC Literary Award; she has since been published in numerous literary journals.

Dede has also co-edited, with author Lisa Moore, a collection of non-fiction stories about the experience of giving birth. She is currently working on a second teen novel, Poster Boy. A former professional ballet dancer and choreographer, Dede Crane has studied Buddhist psychology and psychokinetics at Naropa Institute in Colorado and the Body-Mind Institute in Amherst, Massachusetts. She currently calls Victoria, B.C. home.

From the Author:
I started writing because of a bad back. No longer able to dance and choreograph but still pregnant with creative energy, words became my new, untrained limbs. Though not a word person by instinct, I did have a connection to the world of storytelling. I had always been an excellent daydreamer. I could keep a daydream going all day, go to sleep and wake up and begin where I left off. And these imagined worlds were equally as vivid as the so called real one.
Going from being such a physical person to a sedentary writer (also hard on the back) was a big change but it was time, I think, to give my voice its due. Moving to Vancouver Island was the final other catalyst. There was something about the power of the land here, in particular the trees, that urged voice. I know this may sound strange but unlike the east coast where the forest isn't wild anymore, the trees here still have stories to tell. And they want them told. I will also add that I love being around writers. Writers are sexy.



Shortlisted, Victoria Book Prize, 2009
Finalist, Award for Publishing, Saskatchewan Book Awards, 2008

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