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The Forest Horses

by Byrna Barclay

The Forest Horses
The Forest Horses is a study in contrasts between two women, one an indomitable spirit living through a turbulent age and the other a troubled soul living in settled times.

On midsummer's eve, 1941, Lena, keeper of the forest horses of Gotland, is kidnapped by a Russian poacher along with her herd, and taken to Leningrad just in time to endure the two-year German siege of that city during World War II. Her captor, Pytor, becomes her husband and they and their horses take part in a daring and dangerous rescue effort that smuggles food and other supplies into Leningrad across the ice of Lake Ladoga. On one winter trip across this "Road of Life", their daughter Signe is born into an icy world of strife, deprivation and horses. After the war, the family immigrates to the Canadian prairies to start a new life.

Interwoven with this story is the journey of that same Signe, daughter of the ice, who departs from Regina on midsummer's eve 2005 to make her first journey back to the land where she was born. She's on a mission to search out her beginnings, her people, and the possible meaning to be found for a life that has come to somehow mirror the harsh conditions of its beginning.


5" x 8" 368 pages
21.00 CDN; 21.00 USD
E-Book Price
Fiction Tradepaper Adult
Byrna Barclay

About the Author

Byrna Barclay is the award-winning author of novels, short story collections and a playscript. The Forest Horses was the recipient of the John V. Hicks manuscript award. Her story collection Crosswinds received the Saskatchewan Fiction Award, while Girl at the Window was a finalist for the same award. Her first novel, Summer of the Hungry Pup received the Saskatchewan First Novel Award, while "Speak Under Covers" was named a most distinguished story by Best American Short Stories. Her drama Room With Five Walls received the City of Regina Award. Byrna Barclay received the Saskatchewan Order of Merit in 2005. She lives in Regina.


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