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The Gold

by David Carpenter

The Gold

As Joseph Burbidge comes to discover, finding gold in Canada's North is less than half the battle.

Joe is blessed with resolve and with good partners to share the load. Stinky Riley is a wrangler and bush pilot who is Joe's first mentor in prospecting. Isidore Chartrand is a hunter and trapper who accompanies Joe on his northernmost odyssey, and more than once, saves Joe's life. Joe has to fight to protect his claim, and this conflict sets in motion a moral dilemma that will dog him for the rest of his life.

On the long trail from high adventure and romance to atonement, readers will meet some delightful, complex, and sometimes malicious characters. Carpenter's latest novel is a quest for more than one kind of gold.

Praise for The Gold:

"This is a spirited and far-reaching story of Joseph, a fatherless boy in Yorkshire, England who years to experience nature. The boy becomes a man who takes on the challenge and hardship of Canada's north where he pans for gold and is confronted by greed and its consequences. The Gold suggests that the real gold is to be found in the generosity of the people who shelter and teach and rescue Joe from himself, in the love of another person, and in the beauty of the landscape of rock, trees and weather. A colourful and wonderuflly descriptive novel, it's a celebration of nature, the backdrop for a story of loss and redemption." - Judges, Regina Public Library Book of the Year Award, 2018 Saskatchewan Book Awards (Finalist)


6" x 9" 368 pages
$21.95 CDN; $21.95 USD
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Fiction Tradepaper Adult
David Carpenter
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About the Author

David Carpenter began writing as a translator and critic, but in the mid-1980s he turned to writing fiction. He is the author of four novels, three collections of short fiction, one book of poems, and three works of literary nonfiction. His most recent books have won more than a dozen literary  awards, among which are the Independent Booksellers (NYC) Silver Medal for short fiction (Welcome to Canada),  the Saskatchewan Book Awards' "Book of the Year" (A Hunter's Confession), the National CODE Award (The Education of Augie Merasty), and the prestigious Kloppenburg Award for Literary Excellence. Carpenter wrote the early drafts of The Gold in a cabin on Little Bear Lake in Northern Saskatchewan.  



Finalist, Regina Public Library Book of the Year Award, 2018 Saskatchewan Book Awards

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