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Adeline's Dream

by Linda Aksomitis

Twelve-year-old Adeline Mueller struggles to make a place for herself when her family comes to Canada from Germany.

Twelve-year-old Adeline Mueller has to fight to make a place for herself when her family comes to Canada from Germany to join their father in their new life. Adeline hasn't seen her father for four years, but his letters promise a splendid new life and a house of their own. When they step off the train in Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan, the reality is very different. Home is a sod house in "Germantown," a squatter settlement on CPR land.

For a long time Adeline can't forgive her father for bringing her here. Life in her new home is definitely dramatic. Adeline experiences a tornado, a devastating fire, and relentless prejudice from Sarah, a girl in her class. But she also makes friends. Cat, a Germantown girl, shows her how to pick wild berries, and Henry, a boy with a physical disability, helps her get precious library books. By Christmas, Adeline has begun to like Canada, forgiven her father, and won respect from Adeline with her singing ability. Sarah considers setting aside her own ambitions to choose Adeline to sing the solo in the Christmas concert. Could this really happen?


5.25" x 7.5" 272 pages
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Linda Aksomitis
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About the Author

The author of nineteen books in numerous genres, Linda has two children's historical fiction novels with Coteau Books. Her first, Adeline's Dream, drawn from the history of Qu'Appelle where she lives, is part of the From Many Peoples Series. Longhorns and Outlaws, her second, incorporates her experiences growing up on a horse ranch, along with her interest in outlaws. Visit the developing Web site, http://aksomitis.com for information and activities for young readers and teachers.

Linda's books span the range from textbooks (Guide to Becoming a Library Technician, 2002) to high interest/low vocabulary nonfiction (Science Solves it All: Sports Champions, 2008). Her first young adult novel, Snowmobile Challenge, was a finalist for best children' book in the 2003 Saskatchewan Book Awards.

An active photojournalist, Linda has had over 1000 publications in newspapers, magazines, and Web sites. Two hundred of her action photos were used to illustrated the 2005 book she co-wrote with her husband, David, Illustrated Guide to Snowmobile Racing. Her photos have also appeared in various travel magazines such as Dreamscapes, Country Magazine, Heartland Boating, and others, along with her articles. She is the webmaster for the online magazines: SnowRiderMag.com and guide2travel.ca

Linda Aksomitis has walked under the South China Sea with a "fishbowl" on her head, planted a tree in Borneo's rainforest, snowmobiled 3000 feet up a mountainside across a "terrace" in Alaska, ridden horseback through the mountains in Yellowstone and Tennessee, ziplined 800 feet from one mountain to another in British Columbia, paddled whitewater rapids in Maine, and generally, grabbed every opportunity life threw at her.

Linda has a Master of Vocational/Technical Education degree, and is the online instructor for a Library Training Certificate program offered by Credenda Virtual High School Post Secondary Program. Previously, she was a school librarian for a decade. She also teaches an online course, Introduction to Internet Writing Markets, through the community college network in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, and Europe. Currently she lives in the town of Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan, although she spends a lot of time through the year visiting many locations as a travel writer, giving author talks and lectures, and researching upcoming writing.



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