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Andrei and the Snow Walker

by Larry Warwaruk

Andrei and the Snow Walker

Twelve-year-old Andrei moves from Ukraine to a Canadian homestead in 1900, and has to choose between the magic of Eastern Europe and the power of the new land and its people.

Andrei and his family leave Ukraine for a homestead near Batoche, Saskatchewan, in the spring of 1900. Andrei's grandfather brings with them an ancient Scythian bowl an old hermit gave him - a strange, glowing bowl which may have magical power.

Andrei has never worked so hard, helping to build a home, breaking land, learning to hunt with two Metis friends, Gabriel and Chi Pete. They tell him about Snow Walker, a man of unusual powers and wisdom - a man some say can change into a bear. Sometimes, in the woods, Andrei thinks he sees a figure moving through the trees.

Near Christmas, Andrei is caught in a swirling blizzard while trying to use the strange bowl's magic to help his family. When he falls through river ice, he sees that not only can't the magic bowl save him, he must let it go to have a chance. Suddenly, someone strong pulls him from the river. In a cabin in the woods, Andrei at last meets Snow Walker and learns that this land has its own wisdom and power.


5.25" x 7.5" 208 pages
9.95 CDN; 8.95 USD
E-Book Price
History Tradepaper 9+
Larry Warwaruk
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About the Author

Larry Warwaruk is the author of the adult novels Bone Coulee and The Ukrainian Wedding and the young readers' novel Andrei and the Snow Walker with Coteau Books. He has also written one other novel, Rope of Time, a number of short stories published in GRAIN, NeWest Review and elsewhere and broadcast on CBC Radio, and a non-fiction work, Red Finns of the Coteau. Several of his works have won Saskatchewan Writers Guild literary awards. He is also active in community theatre - he founded the Snakebite Players in Beechy, Saskatchewan, and won several Best Director awards in Saskatchewan Community Theatre festivals.

Born in Regina, Larry Warwaruk grew up in southern Saskatchewan, took his education degrees in Regina and the University of Oregon, and was a teacher and principle in central Saskatchewan for many years. He lives with his family in Outlook, Saskatchewan.



Kobsar Canadian Literary Award, Finalist

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