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Bone, Fog, Ash & Star

by Catherine Egan

Bone, Fog, Ash & Star

In the breathtaking conclusion to The Last Days of Tian Di trilogy, Eliza finally faces the terrible prophecy made for her when she was twelve. "Yours is the lonely road. You will lose all those you love. You will cut out your own heart."

"With its mix of comedy and tragedy, magic and charm, Bone, Fog, Ash and Star is a satisfying, moving conclusion to an enchanting series" - Quill & Quire

Now a formidable Sorceress, Eliza Tok at sixteen is a world away from the unknowing child she once was. But unlike the previous Shang Sorceresses, Eliza will always act out of love, for those she loves, above all else. Above even the greater good of the worlds Tian Di and Tian Xia? The Mancers, and her enemy the Xia Sorceress, think so. And Eliza, when she unhesitatingly uses her tremendous abilities to save her best friend Charlie from a terrible attack, is inclined to agree. As Eliza, Charlie, Nell, and the ever-loyal Mancer teacher Foss embark on a quest to protect Charlie's life from an unrelenting enemy, Eliza is brought to the very edge of what she can withstand, both as a Sorceress and as a human girl. Forced to trust her enemies, to face up to devastating truths, and to gather the greatest and most Ancient power her world has ever known, she must confront and question her most profoundly held beliefs. Is Eliza powerful enough to shape her destiny, or will she let it shape her?


5.5" x 8.5" 320 pages
$12.95 CDN; $12.95 USD
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Young Adult Novel Juvenile Fantasy Novel Tradepaper 13+
Catherine Egan
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About the Author

Catherine Egan has fashioned a heart-stopping sequel to last year's Shade and Sorceress, The Unmaking is another thrilling fantasy tale of magic, of good battling evil, of a young woman discovering her true nature and realizing her own powers. Catherine's debut fantasy novel Shade and Sorceress is the first in the Last Days of Tian Di trilogy. Her short fiction has been published in Canadian and US journals.

Catherine is a world traveller who has lived in Canada, the UK, Japan, and China. She currently resides with her family in New Haven, Connecticut . You can find Catherine's experimental twitterstories – tales told in three tweets a day – by following her on Twitter @ByCatherineEgan.




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