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by Maureen Ulrich


Parents who don't parent, a little sister who thinks she's all grown up, and the spectre of every bad relationship decision she's ever made...Jessie Mac has a lot on her plate as she captains her team through her toughest hockey season ever.

In her last year of high school, Jessie is finally playing AAA, the highest level of minor hockey there is. She's been made captain, and she's putting relationship disasters behind her by dating wonderful, sensible Evan. So what if he's safely away at university where she can ignore his calls and texts? And so what if her old-news feelings about old flame Mark, and uncomfortable new feelings towards new guy Liam, refuse to be ignored? At last, Jessie really has things worked out.

Even when guys and booze make an appearance at a team sleepover, Jessie does the right thing and leaves with the rookies...or tries to. A clumsy fall down stairs, though, leads the coaches to assume she's to blame for providing the alcohol. Suddenly Jessie is fighting rumours that she was falling-down drunk at a hockey party. And some teammates, noses out of joint because of Jessie's captaincy, are only too happy to keep those rumours alive.
Meanwhile, Jessie's eleven-year-old sister Courtney falls in with sophisticated older friends. Jessie sees where things are headed, but she can't seem to make their parents understand the problem.

New Year approaches, bringing an important tournament, increasingly outlandish behaviour from Courtney, and what looks like a head-on relationship collision from three directions. It's time for Jessie to grow up, step up, and fix things once and for all.


5" x 7" 400 pages
12.95 CDN; 12.95 USD
E-Book Price
Teen Novel Tradepaper 14+
Maureen Ulrich
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About the Author

Breakaway is Maureen Ulrich's third hockey novel for teens. It follows, Face Off, and the first book of the series, Power Plays, which received critical acclaim and was a finalist in the Saskatchewan Book Awards. She is also an avid playwright, having created 26 plays for young people and 4 for adults.

Maureen Ulrich was born in Saskatoon in 1958, but grew up in Edmonton and Calgary. She obtained Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of Saskatchewan, and has taught middle-years students for 23 years, as well as working in the oil-field industry. Maureen currently lives in Lampman, in southeastern Saskatchewan.

From the author: I started writing long fiction around age 11. I was "horse crazy" in those days, and nearly all my novels featured feisty teenage girls, wild stallions and the foothills of Wyoming. Inevitably, the distractions of university, career, and family forced me to put my creative impulses on the back-burner. About fifteen years ago, I was asked to write a play for the junior high school where I taught. I had so much fun writing and directing that I began penning one or two student productions a year. I just kept on writing scripts and eventually stepped into the realm of adult community theatre in my home town of Lampman. In 1999, I returned to the long fiction genre when I started writing Power Plays. My teenagers are still feisty, but the horses have been replaced with hockey, and the Wyoming foothills have given way to the wonderful and windy plains of Saskatchewan. I guess I've come full circle.



Silver Medalist, Young Adult Fiction - Mature Issues - 2010 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards

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