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Christmas at Wapos Bay

by Jordan Wheeler

Christmas at Wapos Bay

Three city kids increase their survival skills and their understanding of the North when they go to their Mushum's cabin for Christmas

At Christmas time in Northern Saskatchewan, three Cree kids - Talon, Raven and T-Bear - visit their Moshum's (grandfather's) cabin to learn about traditional ways and have a life-changing adventure.

Talon, Raven, and T-Bear, who have never lived in the bush, visit their Moshum's cabin to prepare for Christmas and to learn traditional ways. But food is scarce this year, and Moshum is afraid Christmas may have to be cancelled.

The kids decide to help by going hunting, but they don't understand how unprepared they are or what danger they're in. They get lost, forcing Moshum to come after them. But when they find him collapsed in the bush, it is the children who have to bring Moshum safely home.

The experience helps them to grow in skill and understanding and to become more mature. Their parents come and Christmas isn't cancelled, in fact it's a wonderful, warm celebration, filled with music and feasting. T-Bear, Talon, and Raven learn that they can benefit from two kinds of knowledge - traditional learning through their elders and the things they learn in school.


5.25" x 7.5" 176 pages
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Juvenile Novel Juvenile Novel Tradepaper 8+
Jordan Wheeler
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About the Author

Jordan Wheeler is the author of two previous publications. He also writes television scripts and has worked as a story editor for such well-known television productions as "North of 60," "Moccasin Flats," "The Rez," "Big Bear," "Black Harbour," "The Adventures of Shirley Holmes," and "Tales From the Longhouse." He lives and writes in Winnipeg.

Dennis Jackson is a Saskatoon film writer-producer, who operates the company Dark Thunder with his wife, Melanie Jackson. He has had extensive experience working with the National Screen Institute.

Dark Thunder is developing a "Wapos Bay" television series for the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.


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