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Danger in Dead Man's Mine

by Dave Glaze

Danger in Dead Man's Mine

Can Mac Davis save his cousins from the perils that abound in the abandoned coal mines of Lethbridge?

Mac Davis gets a lot more than he bargained for on a family visit to Lethbridge - a sick uncle, rattlesnakes and dangerous trains, and a cousin trapped in a coal shaft so deadly they call it Dead Man's Mine!

The valley is riddled with abandoned mineshafts that still contain some coal but that are so dangerous because of the possibility of methane gas explosions and roof collapses that they are actually illegal to enter. One of them is even called Dead Man's Mine, and that's the one that John Walter and his friend Albert get trapped in.

Mac's got to step in and try to save his cousin, at the same time avoiding other Lethbridge perils such as the plentiful rattlesnakes and the tricky train trestle.

Can he handle it all? With breathtaking action sequences, and his trademark skill at recreating historical settings in this series, Dave Glaze has fashioned another nail-biting adventure for young Mac Davis.


5.25" x 7.5" 152 pages
8.95 CDN; 7.95 USD
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History Tradepaper 9+
Dave Glaze
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About the Author

Dave Glaze was born in British Columbia, and has lived in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. He lives in Saskatoon, and, for the last 25 years, has worked as a teacher, librarian, and an educational consultant.

Dave is the author of five successful Coteau juvenile novels - - the first 2 "Mac Davis" titles: The Light-Fingered Gang, Last Flight of the Birdman, both of which have been nominated for Saskatchewan Book Awards. He also wrote the highly successful, Who Took Henry and Mr. Z? which was a finalist in the children's category of the Arthur Ellis Crime Writers awards. His critically acclaimed first novel, Pelly has been adopted for use in many schools across the country, including the entire Newfoundland education system.

Dave Glaze has spent most of his life in Saskatoon. He now spends time mentoring other writers and conducting workshops across the country.

From the author: A fascination with local history led me to create the Mackenzie Davis Files series. Set in 1912, the books explore a boom era when thousands and thousands of people arrived in western Canada from many other places in the world. It was an exciting time and place to live. However, prejudices based in religion, language and nationality often thrived while neighbours struggled to speak to one another without a common language. I find this mix of people and challenges sparks a lot of fiction possibilities.



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