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Dinosaur Stakeout

by Judith Silverthorne

Dinosaur Stakeout

Daniel once again travels back to the time of dinosaurs to learn more about the prehistoric creatures he loves. This time he has an unexpected companion.

Following the adventures of Dinosaur Hideout and Dinosaur Breakout, twelve-year-old Daniel Bringham once again travels back to the time of dinosaurs to learn more about the prehistoric creatures he loves. This time he has an unexpected companion. In Dinosaur Hideout, Daniel and his neighbour, Ole Pederson, made a brilliant discovery: the fossil remains of a dinosaur, an Edmontosaurus they called Roxanne. In Dinosaur Breakout, Daniel had an even more amazing adventure. He learned the secret of time travel to the world of dinosaurs: Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex. A world of giant redwoods and dragonflies a metre wide.

Now, in Dinosaur Stakeout, Daniel decides to travel to the past one more time. He wants to find out if a dying female dinosaur he saw on his last trip is Roxanne, the fossil he and Pederson found in Book One. Daniel figures to go alone, but he's figured without Pederson and his friend Mildred Roost, another palaeontologist.

Mildred insists on coming with him and Daniel thinks it'll wreck everything. An old lady will just slow him down, and if she gets killed, he'll blame himself. But he's reckoned without a tough old bird with lots of tricks up her sleeve, tricks that could save both their lives.

Dinosaur Stakeout includes a glossary of names and technical terms and a book list kids can use to expand their knowledge of dinosaurs.


5.25" x 7.5" 200 pages
7.95 CDN; 6.95 USD
E-Book Price
Juvenile Novel Tradepaper 9+
Judith Silverthorne
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About the Author

Judith Silverthorne is a multiple-award winning Regina-based writer. She is the author of seven novels for young readers with Coteau books, including: The Secret of Sentinel Rock, The Secret of the Stone House, Dinosaur Hideout, Dinosaur Breakout, Dinosaur Stakeout and Dinosaur Blackout. Her latest title, The Secret of the Stone Circle, was released in spring 2010.

Two of her novels for young readers have won the Saskatchewan Book Award for Children's Literature. Her titles have received the "Our Choice" designation from the Canadian Children's Book Centre, while her first book, The Secret of Sentinel Rock, was also nominated for the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Writing for Young People.

As a freelance writer, she has written several hundred articles and columns for newspapers and magazines. During the last few years she has also worked as an editor, researcher, curator, scriptwriter, and a television documentary producer. She also does writing workshops and film classes, and does extensive author presentations and workshops.

Judith Silverthorne has lived most of her life in Saskatchewan, in both urban and rural settings, and it is the source of much of her material. She has recently returned from extensive travelling and teaching English to foreign students and currently teaches at the Centre for Continuing Education, University of Regina and is a regular contributor to numerous publications, including Regina's Fine Lifestyles.

Visit Judith Silverthorne online at judithsilverthorne.ca or dinosaurbooks4kids.com



Children's Literature Award, Saskatchewan Book Awards – Finalist

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