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Fight for Justice

by Lori Saigeon

Fight for Justice

Ten-year-old Justice feels like the "man of the house" for his twin sister Charity and their mom. But when his classmate Trey bullies him, he doesn't know what to do.

A visit to his beloved grandfather helps give Justice some ideas about bullying and how he might deal with it.

When Trey bullies him and also attacks Charity, Justice can't understand why. He's afraid to tell anyone-his mother, his teacher, or the school principal-for fear of making things worse.

Then on a family visit to their home reserve, Justice helps his mushum (grandfather) fix his snowmobile and finds the courage to talk about Trey. Through Mushum' stories and actions, he begins to understand why people bully and some possible ways to deal with them. There' no one simple, sure-fire solution in this honest and compassionate story, but Justice no longer feels quite so alone at school or on the street.


5.25" x 7.5" 112 pages
7.95 CDN; 6.95 USD
E-Book Price
Juvenile Novel Tradepaper 8+
Lori Saigeon
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About the Author

Lori Saigeon is an elementary school teacher, living and working in Regina, Saskatchewan. Her interest in children's literature stems from reading first to her students and then to her own children. It was while teaching in inner-city Regina that Lori noticed a lack of fiction geared for urban children, particularly those growing up in an small prairie city and most especially those with a First Nations/Metis background.

Lori also noticed that many children' novels "glossed over" the realities of some children's lives. She felt that many children need a place in which to see their own issues resonating. That is, they need to feel that the stories they read are true to life.

Lori has been a teacher for over 24 years. She has taught every grade from preschool to grade 5, as well as reading, writing, oral language and math demonstration lessons in pre-Kindergarten to grade 8 in the Regina Public School system. Lori achieved her Master of Education from the University of Regina and published a handbook, Inviting Writing into the Science Classroom: How Teachers Open the Door.

Lori was born and raised in Regina, where she has been writing since she was a child. Her first book-length story was "The Flying Mouse," written in grade 6. She also wrote poetry for most of her childhood. Lori is married and is inspired by her three wonderful, school-age children.

Fight for Justice is her first work of fiction.


Nominated, Diamond Willow Award

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