Resource Links Review - Fight for Justice

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Reviewed by: Linda Irvine

Life is good for 10 year old Justice Stoneyplain. His single mom is able to provide a simple but loving and secure home and he is close to his twin sister Charity. This all changes when Trey, a classmate, begins to bully him relentlessly. Justice, becoming fearful and angry, tries to handle the situation himself by fighting back and using revenge. Matters only worsen, especially once Trey and his gang target Charity. As is all too common with young victims, Justice is reluctant to talk with either his mother or his teachers. He confides in his beloved grandfather during a weekend visit but the advice he receives, although helpful in his understanding of Trey's own pain, does not resolve the situation. Finally, events in Trey's life together with a strong stand from Justice, bring the bullying to a halt. The strength in this novel comes from Saigeon's ability to create realistic characters and plot. The reader feels Justice's fear and frustration as his efforts to overcome the bullying create more serious problems. When he confides in his grandfather and finally his mother, they too have no easy solutions. The well-meaning principal likewise causes more antagonism with his actions. Empathy for Trey begins to develop as more is known of his home life. The story reflects the difficult complex issues faced by the bullied and the bully. This book will appeal to a wide range of readers, both boys and girls, and is recommended. Article by Linda Irvine.

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