StarPhoenix Review - Fight for Justice

Reviewed by: Beverly Brenna

As Canadian authors apply local settings to books for young readers, they 'write what you know.' Familiar characters and contexts help children connect their background knowledge to reading material, boosting comprehension as well as motivation to read.- - -Regina teacher Lori Saigeon's first novel, 'Fight for Justice (Coteau Books, paperback, $7.95) is clearly set in the familiar context of 'Monarch City.' Ten-year-old Justice and his twin sister are bullied by a local kid named Trey, and attempts at revenge backfire. On a family visit to their home reserve, Justice helps his grandfather with various tasks. In return, Mushum offers stories and advice, providing a window into Trey's life that helps Justice, as well as Saigeon's readers, understand the dynamic of bullying and some of the complexities regarding the varying stances people take as bullies, victims, and bystanders. For ages eight to eleven, this is an authentic story from an author to 'Article by Beverly Brenna

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