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by Wendy Phillips


Teen violence, bullying and the burning quest to fit in are presented in the poems of 4 unforgettable high school students.

High School. Four lives caught up in a game. The problem with games like this is that there may be winners, but there are always losers.

Teen violence, bullying and the burning quest to fit in are presented in the poems of four unforgettable high school students: Natalie, Kyle, Tricia, Miguel. Their stories unfold in this explosive new book, told in free verse. A story of teen angst like no other, it is based on fictional characters but is rooted in the realities of the teen experience.

When Natalie moves to a new high school she befriends 3 unwitting victims into her spider-web of manipulations, lies and deceit. Through the poetry and assignments of an English class we glimpse the world of the 4 teens. Natalie, whose alcoholic parents, years of neglect and ultimate rape by her father's friend has shaped her into a cruel and manipulative teen; Tricia, dealing with her blended family is drawn into Natalies's forbidden world of partying and rebellion; Kyle, a would-be musician is in love with Tricia and Miguel who lusts for Natalie while hiding the secrets of his family.

The story weaves us through their poetry, their lives and culminates at a party where the four lives fishtail out of control.

English class will never be the same.


8" x 5" 200 pages
14.95 CDN; 14.95 USD
E-Book Price
Poetry Tradepaper Adult
Wendy Phillips
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About the Author

Wendy Phillips’ first novel, Fishtailing, won several awards, including the Governor General’s Literary Award for Children’s Writing and the Moonbeam Award for Innovative Storytelling.  

She began writing at age 11, inventing wilderness adventures while hiking in the sagebrush hills around Kamloops.  An enduring love of words took her through a journalism degree from Carleton University, volunteer teaching in Lesotho, and freelance writing in Zimbabwe.  Returning to the West Coast, she enjoyed a new career as a high school English teacher and librarian.

Now she lives on beautiful Gabriola Island, writing full time, reading just about anything, and celebrating the possibilities of words, wood, ocean, and music.  

For more about her writing, see Wendy’s blog at www.writingwendy.com.



Winner, Governor General's Literary Award for Children's Fiction, 2010

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