Online Reviews - The Griffin of Darkwood Review:

"I just finished reading this story and it was wonderful. If you enjoyed stories like A House With A Clock In It's Walls by John Belair, then you will definitely enjoy the Griffin of Darkwood. It's setting and characters were just splendid. A perfect blend of sadness and lemony snickett type. Feeling along with the magic of Harry Potter. A wonderful book in which I hope could be a continuing series around Sparowhawk Hall." - Lance S.


Goodreads Review:

"This novel's greatest strength are its interesting characters: Will is a writer and is followed by Muses although he no longer wants to write after his mother's death. Thom is a boy obsessed with baking and is going through Julia Child's recipes one by one. Emma wants to be a circus performer and has a crazy dog who steals all sorts of items from the villagers. The mystery aspect was good too, the shady characters were menacing enough and the creepy old castle is a great location for a dark past and a mystical griffin. The story is a nice length for middle grade readers and the magical plot will be a great addition for fans of fantasy." - Colette Dufault

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