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Run Like Jäger

by Karen Bass

Run Like Jäger
Canadian exchange student Kurt Schreiber spends a year in Germany, learning more than he bargained for about his grandfather's life in Hitler's army.

When Canadian teen Kurt Schreiber goes to Germany to find out what his grandfather did during World War II, he learns more than he bargained for. A lot more.  
Kurt's opa – grandfather – has never been willing to talk about his time as a German soldier, so Kurt has some deep concerns about what he might have done during the war. He's seen the movies, like Schindler's List, and he hopes and prays his grandfather couldn't have been involved in atrocities. Spending a year in Germany to do language training seems like a good chance to find out more, or at least to improve his German.

One day, he visits the graveyard in the town he's staying in, just outside Berlin. An old man speaks to him, calling him by his grandfather's name, which was also Kurt Schreiber. It is Herr Brandt, the elder Schreiber's life-long friend. Kurt gets to know this man – the only one who can tell him all about his grandfather's time in the war – because he was there.

Kurt learns about his grandfather's childhood in the Hitler Youth and his time in the German army, on the Eastern Front. Herr Brandt doesn't try to minimize the horror of those times or to absolve himself of responsibility as a soldier. But through his story, Kurt comes to understand how as children, and later as young men, the two were drawn into participation in a war based on lies. This wonderfully written and carefully researched novel tells a story that illuminates history and fills in the texture and complexity that lie behind the bare facts.


5" x 7" 312 pages
12.95 CDN; 12.95 USD
E-Book Price
Teen Novel Tradepaper 13+
Karen Bass
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About the Author

Karen Bass is the author of two Coteau novels based on World War II in Europe -- Run Like Jager and Summer of Fire -- and the contemporary teen music novel, Drummer Girl. Harbouring an interest in World War II since childhood, Karen began writing shortly after she was hired to manage a local library. Her stories and articles have been published in local newspapers, magazine and anthologies, and nationally in "Writers Circle Nine" and the "Canadian Writer's Journal."

A fourth-generation Albertan, Karen attended the University of Alberta, and received a psychology degree from the University of Victoria. She currently lives with her family in northwesten Alberta, where she continues to work as a librarian.

From the author:
I've always loved to read; life doesn't feel complete if I don't have a book on the go. And though my high school English teacher told me I should write, I never gave it much thought until I went to work at the local library. All along I'd been writing little articles for newsletters or reports about my sons' hockey teams for the local paper, but shelving novels day after day planted a seed. I didn't know it had sprouted until a friend suggested we try out a local writing group. I hurriedly wrote a page of prose so I would have something to share -- and the love of storytelling took immediate root in my soul.

Now I can't imagine life without writing. When I get an idea, I feel compelled to write it and can get quite obsessive in the doing. It's deeply satisfying to turn an idea into a story, to feel the weight of my effort in the pages spit out by the printer, and finally, to be able to share that story, whether it's with a few friends or a wider circle of readers. After all, a story comes to life only when it is shared. And there is a special kind of magic in that.


Bronze Medal, 2009 IPPY Awards

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