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Small Displays of Chaos

by Bre Fischer

Small Displays of Chaos

A riveting, haunting novel about one teenager's journey toward self-love and strength.

17-year-old Rayanne Timko is only a few months into her senior year of high school, and her biggest concern should be deciding on a university and career path. But while her classmates are filled with anticipation, nothing in her life seems to going smoothly, and Rayanne finds herself struggling to overcome anorexia. She has a new friend: Ed - the seductive and demanding presence in her head who insists she be as skinny as possible. With Ed around, Rayanne is blind to nearly everyone else in her life. But what happens when Ray begins to suspect she may be losing more than weight? Will she be able to save her family - and herself - before it's too late?

Filled with complex relationships and realistic young adult tribulations, Small Displays of Chaos follows Rayanne as she struggles with the astonishingly common yet stigmatized disorder of anorexia nervosa. Throughout her story she fights to discover who she is despite her illness, and learns that by loving herself, she is better able to love those around her.

Available April 2016


5.5" x 8.5" 112 pages
$12.95 CDN; $12.95 USD
E-Book Price
Young Adult Novel Fiction Tradepaper 13+
Bre Fischer
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About the Author

Small Displays of Chaos is the first novel from emerging writer Bre Ficher, and is based on her own experience being diagnosed as anorexic with bulimic behaviors in 2010.

Though constantly creating stories since the age of seven, Bre didn't seriously consider writing until she was twenty-two years old and halfway through a University degree for Studio Art. Extremely unhappy with her studies, Bre dropped everything to chase down the conviction that she was a writer.

In 2014, Bre was accepted into the Writing For Film & Television program at Vancouver Film School, where she studied writing for features, teleplay, sketches, comic books, and animation. Her short script, inspired by a single moment of Small Displays of Chaos, was produced and made into a short film in 2015.

Known for coming-of-age dramas and offbeat comedy, Bre is a versatile writer whose skills span from poetry to feature films. She now resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she plans to stay indefinitely.

http:// bre.virb.com

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