What If? Magazine Review - Summer of Fire

What If?
Reviewed by: Renee Dumont

Del is planning on having a miserable summer. Not just because her parents have sent her away, but because she's going to be stuck with her uptight older sister who happens to live in Germany. And this is no vacation, Del's behaviour has been too much for her parents to handle so she's been shipped out as a punishment. It turns out even worse than she could imagine, Del isn't getting along with anyone and has to deal with being in a different country. Plus it doesn't help that she can't speak or read German. But things start to turn around when Del meets Felix, the cute nephew of her sister's neighbour, Luise. As a favour Del begins reading Luise's grandmother's diary that she has translated. It's the story of Garda, a pregnant teenager in the middle of World War II Germany. The diary reaches into Del's own life and the closer she relates to the story the more she wants to run away. Will she ever be able to hold her ground? More importantly to her, will anything ever happen with Felix? There's an entire summer to find out what happens in this exciting story. 'Summer of Fire by Karen Bass is an exciting look into the lives of two teenagers, both living in Germany but at different periods in time. Even though there is a seventy year difference between Del and Garda there are similarities and struggles that both girls deal with and work through on their own. It's a funny, entertaining, and quick read, and definitely worth checking out. 'Summer of Fire is a story that you're easily drawn into and one that is hard to forget even after you put it down.Article by Renee Dumont.

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