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Waiting for Pelly

by Dave Glaze

Waiting for Pelly
A heartwarming story of the simple, enduring relationship of a girl and a pelican, the sequel to Pelly, one of Coteau's best-loved children's stories.

A heartwarming story of the simple, enduring relationship of a girl and a pelican, the sequel to one of Coteau's best-loved children's stories.

Spring in Saskatoon finds Sandra once again combing the banks of the river for a sign of her pelican friend Pelly. There are a lot of pelicans around, but none seems to be hers. Where has she gone, and why isn't she coming back?

The story's point of view alternates between Pelly's new life setting up a nest, and Sandra's hectic world of humans. She and her dad have moved from their apartment to a tiny little house of their own - a house complete with a garden and bossy neighbours on either side. Meanwhile, Sandra meets another bird lover on the river bank, a young researcher who invites her to come along to Redberry Lake, which is an hour away and boasts a combination information centre/bird research station. It's where a lot of the pelicans which feed on the river in Saskatoon actually nest, and Sandra has a hunch that's where Pelly might be.

Over the course of the summer, Sandra learns that the people around her are a lot more complicated than she might imagine. She has pleasant days and more than one mishap on the tricky lake. Sandra's waiting finally pays off, as she reconnects with Pelly, who now has a nest and chicks of her own. Will they remember each other? Can their friendship ever be the same?

Complete with line drawings by Bill Johnson, who illustrated the original novel, Waiting for Pelly will be welcomed as the return of an old friend by many readers, and as a new friend by many others.


5" x 8" 240 pages
8.95 CDN; 7.95 USD
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Juvenile Novel Tradepaper 8+
Dave Glaze
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About the Author

Dave Glaze was born in British Columbia, and has lived in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. He lives in Saskatoon, and, for the last 25 years, has worked as a teacher, librarian, and an educational consultant. Dave is the author of five successful Coteau juvenile novels - - the first 2 "Mac Davis" titles: The Light-Fingered Gang, Last Flight of the Birdman, both of which have been nominated for Saskatchewan Book Awards. He also wrote the highly successful, Who Took Henry and Mr. Z? which was a finalist in the children's category of the Arthur Ellis Crime Writers awards. His critically acclaimed first novel, Pelly has been adopted for use in many schools across the country, including the entire Newfoundland education system. Dave Glaze has spent most of his life in Saskatoon. He now spends time mentoring other writers and conducting workshops across the country. From the author A fascination with local history led me to create the Mackenzie Davis Files series. Set in 1912, the books explore a boom era when thousands and thousands of people arrived in western Canada from many other places in the world. It was an exciting time and place to live. However, prejudices based in religion, language and nationality often thrived while neighbours struggled to speak to one another without a common language. I find this mix of people and challenges sparks a lot of fiction possibilities.



Finalist, Children's Literature Award, Saskatchewan Book Awards
Finalist, Hackmatack Readers Choice Award
Finalist, Diamond Willow Award, Saskatchewan Young Readers' Choice Book Awards

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